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Greetings from RedMartian! And Welcome to Our Site!
If you are new to our Website, this 'Start' Page gives a quick overview of how things work.

This Website is the combined site for our Photography Galleries:
  • RedMartian Event Photography Our primary photography business name. Most images & events, if not local or formal, will be in these galleries.
  • Canyon Lake Area Photography Our local photography specific to our home community; if you are looking for images we have taken around Canyon Lake, start here!
  • The Special Occasion Our wedding and more formal photography, and photos of cakes Billie Kay has made
  • Sunshine Preservation Our previous photography business name, used for many years prior to Red Martian Photo; events before 2000 may be within these galleries.
And our Specialty Galleries:
  • Planetary Collections Named Collections of Our Photographs from Multiple Galleries & Albums; we encourage YOU (Our Client) to assemble your own Favorites and have it stored here!
  • Mars Remembers Collections of Friends and Clients (and even some places) that are no longer with us.
  • The Martian Arts Original Creations of Art; such as Books, Posters, Panoramas and Humorous Images.
  • InnerSpace Personal Galleries of Images of our Families and of our Friends.

To maneuver through our site, use:
  • The Menu in the upper right corner of each Browser Page
  • The Sub-Menu located in the upper left below the Page Title (on some pages)
  • The "Back" button of your browser to 'rewind' the pages you have viewed
To access your photos, use menu items:
  • Gallery - Drill Down through Galleries by mouse-click on Thumbnails to open next Gallery, Album or Image.
  • Keyword - Predefined Access Code used as a shortcut to find an Image Gallery, Album or Image.
  • Index - Select from a Index of Predefined Links and Searches that are in Alphabetic Order by Topic.
  • Search - Enter your Search Criteria to view your own 'Found' Collection.

Galleries and Albums are always viewed as Large Thumbnail Images. When you Mouse-Click on a Thumbnail:
  • In Gallery View, either the Next Gallery Level or the Album View will open
  • In Album View, that Thumbnail will change to a Single Large Image, with Small Thumbnails on the side.
If you need additional help or instructions, please use the Sub-Menu on our Help pages.
Please take a moment to read about the Login to our site.

NEW WEBSITE: We previously had multiple, separate sites for our different Web Names; but in October 2010 we changed our Image Hosting and Fulfillment Services to Zenfolio (from PhotoReflect) and combined them into this one. This is still a work-in-progress! Please bear with us, this may take awhile; we have THOUSANDS of images spanning many years. Photographs posted to our original sites will remain available using these links: RedMartianPhoto, CanyonLakePhoto, CanyonLakePhoto (free), TheSpecialOccasion.

Contact Photographer: Click to open Contact Form or Click to open Email to [email protected]
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